In the world of digital marketing, landing pages have become an integral part of the lead generation process. The best thing about landing pages – whether you already have them or are just getting started – is their ability to help you convert more leads without increasing traffic by a single website visitor.

Consider that in most cases, increasing your website’s conversion rate by a measly 1% will improve your bottom line more than doubling your website’s traffic numbers.

That’s right, since website conversion is focused on improving what you currently have rather than chasing something you don’t have, we believe it’s a great place to start improving any digital marketing strategy. The cost is minimal and the potential gains are huge – it’s the definition of a win-win.

How about this glaring stat: Companies that use 10 form fields or less, have shown a 120% increase in lead generation. It makes sense right? Why do you need their postal address if you’re never going to post them anything? Keep it simple!

Landing pages should be simple and leave no doubt in the visitor’s mind about what action you want them to take. If you currently have multiple calls-to- action on your landing pages, start embracing the power of landing pages by creating specific pages for each single action you wants visitors to complete. It won’t be long before you experience more success and higher conversion rates!

Another really interesting stat we came across is that when a company increases their number of landing pages from 10 to 15, they see a 55% boost in leads. More interestingly though, if using videos on landing pages conversions can increase by 86%

Here’s the full infographic with a few more stats to show Why You Need to Level Up Your Landing Pages as soon as possible:


Landing Page Infographic ezwsiweb